Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Review: Catrice - MADE TO STAY Smoothing Lip Polish

A while ago I have bought this MADE TO STAY Smoothing Lip Polish from CATRICE cosmetics in red color. I prefer wearing pink shades on my lips, but this one was only for 2 €, (because this shade I'm writing about is no longer for sale (040 Let's Red Loud!)) so I just had to buy it despite the fact that red is not really my thing. Although this shade is no longer for sale there are other shades that still are and that's why I decided to write a review.  

On the packing of this lip polish is written: Discover the triple advantage: The color of a lipstick, the longevity of a stain and the shiny finish of a lipgloss!

First I have to say that I love this shade on my lips and that this lip polish is awesome! It's everything that is written on the packing. It applies really nice and evenly and the color is really intense. You don't see any dry patches and it looks like a lip gloss at first. I thought that I won't like it because I'm not a lip gloss fan because of the stickiness, but it suprised me positively, because it's sticky and lip glossy only from the start and after a while when it dries not anymore. 

I love this lip polish, because when I eat or drink the stain of the color stays on my lips and it doesn't go away without rubbing it off. I like to apply new layers of lipstick almost every hour, so that's not the most important thing about lipsticks or lip glosses for me, but I like the fact that my lips are colored all the time. It says that it stays on lips for 8 hours and I think that stain would definitely stay on for that long.

I like the application of the lip polish. It's very easy because of the sponge.
I got mine lip polish for only 2 €, but originally I think is costs around 5 €. :) 

My rating: 10/10

P.S.: This one today is my 100 post since I started blogging. Happy me! :)



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