Monday, May 19, 2014

Addiction: nail polishes

Hello darlings :*

Lately I have been obsessed with nail polishes. Thanks god that I share my collection of nail polishes with my sister, because around 80 nail polishes feels like an addiction. But I just can't help it (or should I say we can't help ourselves) when we see all those appealing colors. My favorites are Essies. They are very long lasting and their color palette is just gorgeous! We already have 10 Essies in our collection, yaaay.

*from top to bottom: licorice, turquoise&caicos, truth or flare, cute as a button, forever yummy, exotic liras, 
funny face, lovie dovie, fiji, blanc

*OPI: 4 in the morning and you glitter be good to me

* These 3 loves I found in a local shop when I was in Lloret de Mar. They were very cheap, they cost around 1 € and they are excellent! They last up to 6 days. If I ever go back to Spain I will try to find them, 100% :)

* This lovely Ciate mini is from Spain also. I found it in Sephora and it was a gift to my sister.


*Essie: truth or flare & Ciate mini

Do you love nail polishes? How big is your collection?

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  1. prav vsi so mi všeč..še posebej Essie-ji (na katere sem tudi sama nora. :D) in tale OPI-jev You glitter be good to me. <3


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